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SEO for Dentists: Give Your Practice a Reason to Smile


When a toothache, a broken crown, or other dental issue happened years ago, would-be patients would often ask friends or family for recommendations. These days, they turn to something far more wide-reaching and readily available – the internet.

Whether those individuals are searching for DIY dental remedies or looking for a local provider, most potential dental patients start their search from the comfort of their desk chair or smartphone.

Thankfully, those are two places where SEO, or search engine optimization, can make sure your dental practice appears prominently.


SEO as Value-Added Dental Service


After a visit or procedure, there are often common issues and questions that come up – what kind of toothpaste is best, for example, or the best way to clean orthodontic hardware.

An “FAQ” section written with SEO in mind can help establish authority and trust in your practice and assure current patients that you continue to care about them well after they’re out of the exam chair. For would-be patients, this commitment to care also helps reinforce that your practice is the right choice for their dental needs.


Introducing SEO for Your Dental Practice


Many emergency dental patients are nervous, embarrassed, or anxious about their dental woes, and solid SEO does a lot to help soothe those fears. Robust landing pages that use terms related to gentle or sedation dentistry can help coax them into an appointment or reassure them about procedures.

Families looking for proven providers for their children can be swayed with a few paragraphs on kid-centric dentistry. New residents can be encouraged to select your practice for their dental needs once they’ve moved in.


SEO has the power to reach these diverse groups and many more – all through well-constructed and keyword-rich content.

Keep your dental practice like a set of healthy teeth – bright, attractive, and easy to see – with SEO for dentists.

Best Dental SEO Companies: May 2022

  1. Seting
  2. Dental Marketing Gurus
  3. HigherVisibility
  4. Identity Dental Marketing
  5. PatientPop
  6. Smileshop Marketing
  7. DDSRank
  8. TNT Dental
  9. WebFX
  10. Prodentite

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