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If that is your first time searching for lifestyles coverage, it’s comprehensible in case you get a touch overwhelmed. It’s a complex procedure that consists of determining how plenty insurance you need, evaluating lifestyles insurers, and comparing lifestyles coverage options. Below, we’ll speak the way to apprehend and evaluate lifestyles coverage prices and quotes.

Most coverage agencies’ web sites offer a calculator to estimate your lifestyles coverage desires and might generate a loose quote with primary facts inclusive of your ZIP code and marital status. Some agencies provide a device that suggests you outcomes from a couple of companies all withinside the identical place.

How much life insurance you need depends on several factors, including your dependents, your finances, and any specific intentions you may have. The questions below can help you determine how much coverage you may need:

  • Do you have family members or dependents that rely on your income?
  • If yes, how many years of income do you want your policy to cover?
  • Do you have a mortgage?
  • If so, do you want your beneficiary to have the funds to take care of the balance in full after you die?
  • Do you want your death benefit to cover any final expenses, like a funeral and burial?
  • Do you have any existing debts (e.g., medical, personal, etc.) that your beneficiary or dependents would be required to cover after you die?
  • Do you want to provide retirement income for a spouse or partner?
  • Do any dependents rely on you to finance tuition or other educational expenses?
  • Will your death benefit be used as an inheritance?
  • Do you want all or a portion of your death benefit to go toward a charity or non-profit?

Speaking to a financial advisor can help you further determine the best policy options for you, your beneficiary, and any dependents.

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Comparing life insurance rates can help you select the right policy. A true comparison also takes into account several factors, including the policy type, underwriting process or approval type, riders, and any discounts for which you may be eligible.

Keep in mind that in some cases, online quotes may not be as detailed or accurate as those obtained directly through a broker or agent. In addition, your actual premium may not be available until you complete and submit an application with your chosen insurer.

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Policy Type and Coverage

When you begin your search for life insurance, comparing the rates between term and permanent policies is helpful. However, once you choose a policy type, compare quotes for the same type of coverage.

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Coverage Amount

The death benefit you choose directly impacts your rates. When collecting and comparing estimates, it helps to compare quotes for the same coverage amount.

However, the Insurance Information Institute (III) states that some life insurance carriers will offer discounted rates when you purchase a larger policy. For instance, the premiums for a $250,000 policy may be less than those for a $200,000 policy. Factoring in any discounts can also be useful when comparing insurance quotes, especially if you can secure more coverage for a lower rate.

Underwriting Process and Approval Type

There are several ways a company can underwrite and approve your policy. Some will use a fully underwritten approval that requires applicants to undergo a medical exam and complete a thorough health questionnaire. Others will use simplified-issue or guaranteed-issue approvals, which may eliminate the medical exam and/or the health questionnaire. Make sure that you are comparing policies of the same approval type.

Payment Schedule

Some carriers will lower rates for customers who choose an annual or semi-annual payment plan instead of a monthly or quarterly one. When you compare life insurance quotes, make sure you’re comparing rates based on the same payment schedule.


Riders are additional coverage options or benefits you can add to your policy. Riders may include accelerated death benefits, accidental death benefits, or even children’s benefits, which can extend coverage to your child. Adding the cost of riders into your life insurance quote can help you make a total value comparison between two or more policy quotes.

Using a Net Payment Cost Index to Compare Policies

As you compare life insurance policies sample rates, ask the carrier, agent, or broker if they can provide a net payment cost index. A net payment cost index is a tool that allows you to compare the total average cost and value of a life insurance policy, including cash values and dividends.

A life insurance calculator can also help you estimate an appropriate coverage limit.


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