Geico Car Insurance Reviews for 2022

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Geico Car Insurance Reviews for 2022

Geico places third in our ranking of the best car insurance companies, and scores highly for customer service, with policyholders saying they are likely to recommend Geico to others.

Geico Pros & Cons

Overall average premiums are among the lowest we found

Most customers are likely to recommend Geico to friends and family

Competitive rates for drivers with a poor credit history


Customers complain that claims processing is inconsistent

Very high rates for drivers with a DUI

Is Geico Car Insurance Good?

Yes, Geico is a good car insurance company for most drivers. Our annual study of car insurance rates found Geico is one of the cheapest car insurers in the country, coming in second in our ranking of the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies, and it manages to keep premiums low while still offering good customer service. Furthermore, our customer satisfaction survey found that Geico’s customers are among the most likely to recommend the company’s auto insurance to friends and family. Geico took third place in our Best Car Insurance Companies Ranking.

Since Geico’s rates are very competitive, available data reveals that most motorists can likely save money with Geico if they don’t qualify for USAA insurance, which restricts its membership to military personnel and their families. Younger drivers and individuals with spotty credit histories are especially good candidates for saving money with Geico, though we found high rates for people with infractions on their driving record.

Geico ranks third in our list of the best auto insurance companies. Many respondents cite “solid service and coverage [options]” as reasons for awarding high scores, and the “ease of online policy administration” and other easy-to-use features are among the standout attributes of Geico’s auto insurance policies.

Geico Customer Service
In our Best Insurer for Customer Service subranking, Geico ties with Farmers for fourth place. USAA leads the pack among auto insurance companies in this area, and State Farm and Nationwide hold a slight edge over Geico in customer satisfaction. The midpack ranking doesn’t tell the whole story, however, as survey respondents were overall happy with their experiences. Of survey respondents who did not file a car insurance claim with Geico, 53% indicated complete satisfaction with the ease of contacting Geico’s customer service. Among respondents who filed a claim, that number rose to 70%.

Geico Claims Handling
Though respondents to our survey report strong customer satisfaction with Geico auto insurance overall, there are some weak spots. When it comes to claims handling, Geico loses some ground to key competitors with middle-of-the-pack performance. Of survey respondents who filed a claim, 74% report complete satisfaction with the ease of filing, 66% report complete satisfaction with status updates during the claims process, and 70% report complete satisfaction with the resolution of the claim. Though these scores sound good, they’re beaten by competitors such as USAA and Nationwide. One survey respondent said, “Outside of the claim process, yes, Geico has good customer service. During the claim process, no. Geico has abysmal customer service.”

Geico Customer Loyalty
With an overall third-place ranking in our customer satisfaction survey, it should come as no surprise that Geico enjoys strong loyalty from its car insurance policyholders. Geico earns the silver medal in our Most Likely to be Recommended subranking, and a fourth-place spot in our Best Insurer for Customer Loyalty subranking. Geico’s customer-first approach to service resulted in 41% of respondents who had not filed a claim saying they would be very likely to recommend Geico. Among those who had filed a claim, that number went up to 49%.

Geico Complaints
Though most Geico auto insurance customers are happy with their policy, some expressed issues with customer satisfaction. A few of our survey respondents were unhappy with claims resolution, while others mentioned dissatisfaction over rising rates. However, these issues are typical among the car insurance companies in our survey.

“Their insurance has risen in past years but I have a very clean record. I would like to check other companies just to see if I am still getting the best deal.”
“Too expensive, no sizeable discount during quarantine or low mileage.”
“Too expensive. Starts off at a reasonable cost, then rates rise rapidly.”
“My daughter also had Geico and when she had an accident they dropped her as a customer.”
How Much Is Geico Car Insurance?
Our annual study of the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies found that most people can save money with a Geico auto insurance policy, even taking into account variables such as driving record and zip code.

According to our data, Geico’s average auto insurance rate is $1,100, making it the second-cheapest car insurer in our study. The only cheaper major company for auto insurance is USAA, which has an average rate of $875, which is a decrease of about 20% compared to Geico’s rate. The national average in our study is $1,321, which is a 20% increase compared to Geico’s average rates.

Your car insurance rates quote will vary based on your specific situation. For example, Geico does have expensive rates for people with certain driving experience.

Geico Car Insurance Reviews for 2022

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